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Gorgeous Tattoos Give Back Confidence to Women Who Survived Breast Cancer

Mastectomy is a surgical removal of breast or both of them, partially or completely. Sometimes in case of a breast cancer it can be the only solution for saving woman' s health and life. In total, 56% woman who survived breast cancer are left with scars caused by mastectomy and often, their nipples were surgicaly removed. These women can undergo another surgery for breast reconstruction or not. But the project called P.Ink, meaning Personal Ink, comes with another solution – replace the scars by gorgeous tattoos.

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  • 1/24/2017

  • Czech Hospital Placements Program

  • Obsolete vs. Visionary

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Get inspired: What is the Secret of @eldocjuanma, Doctor and Instagram Influencer?

We are happy to introduce to you another healthcare social media influencer doctor Juan M. Arellano Hernández known on Instagram as @eldocjuanma. Juan with over 39.000 followers dreamed about becoming a doctor ever since he was a child. Apart from his job in the hospital, this ambitious professional works as a medical coordinator in an NGO Unidaspor Mexico and he volunteered during Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016. He communicates mainly in Spanish and his followers love him. What is the secret of his success on social media? Get inspired by the #CHPProgram!

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  • 1/22/2017

  • Czech Hospital Placements

  • Inspiration: Practical Experience of Healthcare Professionals

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CHP Program Early Birds Offer: Imagine Dragons Show or Trip to Vienna?

We have a very special gift to all early birds students who book their placements with us till the end of February 2017! The first part is a special interview training in addition to hospital working hours and clinical insight tutorials and excursions to specialized centers in the University Hospital in Motol. The second part is a trip to one of our favourite destinations - Vienna, Budapest or Berlin - during weekends or tickets to Imaging Dragons or Sting during summer! Yay! :-)

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  • 1/12/2017

  • Czech Hospital Placements

  • Best Adventures While Travelling

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Get Inspired: My Life as a Medical Student - Make the Most of Your Internship

Thanks to social media we are able to connect with like minded people all around the world who inspire us in the field of health care. One of them is Dominik Klug who decided to help young students to make the most of their internships in hospitals through a set of advices based on his personal experience. Why does Dominik use social media and posts about his career? He says: "I hope to create value as well as making an impact. I also want to encourage people to follow their dreams, no matter if other people say that it can’t be done. Just do your thing!" Get inspired by the #CHPProgram.

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  • 12/5/2016

  • Dominik Klug

  • Tips and Tricks for Your Successful Career

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Scholarship Opportunity: Do You Want to Gain a Tangible Hospital Work Experience?

We are searching for young English speaking students who dream to become doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, physical therapists, assistants and other healthcare professionals one day! If you want to gain a hospital work experience in a top clinical environment and in the specialty of your choice, take part in our scholarship contest!

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  • 11/11/2016

  • Czech Hospital Placements

  • Being a Healthcare Student

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